Shedding; Martin Gustavsson and Jan Hietala at the Project Space, November 2004

Past Projects

Francesca Pasquali
3 JULY - 30 JULY, 2016

AMBIANTA - Ana Genovés
May 15 - June 11, 2016

A Lovers Discord - Curated by Alana Lake
14 March - 9 April, 2016

Alasdair Duncan, Sharon Kivland, Dominic From Luton, Thomas Vandenberghe, James Unsworth and Alana Lake, Esther Teichmann with others (Linus Bill, Daniel Hoflund, Josep Maynou, Dan Szor, Ryan Riddington and more) by chance or fate

Could Of, Should Of, Would Of - Annie Attridge
January 31 - February 27, 2016

New sculptural works by Annie Attridge

Because They Can -Laurie Innes
25-19 November 2015

Because They Can is an installation at MOCA London by artist Laurie Innes.

Adam James
August - November 2015

Adam James hosts a number of artist led events exploring themes relating to 'truth' and group engagement as means to unleash collective unconscious.

Giedymin Jabloński: a historical survey
27th September - 8th November 2015

A review of the work of the Polish maker, Giedymin Jabloński

Looking Out, Looking In - Åsa Johannesson
4th - 13th September 2015

Photographic works by Åsa Johannessen looking at representations of non-conformity gender and queer identities

Export Cars to Mars? A World Vision Contest
Friday October 11, 2013, Performance at MOCA London, 8pm

Camilla Emerson. Heart as Informer
6th October 2013

Sewing Bee for the LGBT Community
24th Febraury 2013

An invitation to the LGBT community to take part in our 'sewing bee' to celebrate LGBT History Month.
Curated by Melissa Jo Smith

Anjin 1600: Episode 1
25th January 2013

Screening of David Blandy's animation based on the real life journey of British explorer William Adams who is credited as being the first Englishman to arrive in Japan

4th November - 8th December 2012

Simon Linington & William Mackrell. Curated by Angela de la Cruz

Machines Do Not Think
28 September 2012

MOCA London presented the new work Machines do not think by Laurie Innes for SLAM last Friday event of September 2012

Myopia Sparkles
19 - 23 September 2012

Jennifer West | Edith Dekyndt | Shana Moulton Curated by Harriet B Mitchell as part of PAMI

Gradient change
3 June - 30 June 2012

MOCA London presented group show called Gradient Change looking at art and science.

House of Queer Mirrors
20 May 2012

MOCA London presented a live performance installation in a Victorian House of LGBT artists as their LGBT heros/heroines. Visitors were escorted around the three-storey house encountering the performers in different rooms.

Alasdair Duncan
27 January 2012

MOCA London presented 3 new digital animations by Alasdair Duncan for the South London Art Map Last Friday event.

Pop Up Povera Orsolya Bajusz and Laura Yuile
10-11 December 2011

Artists Orsolya Bajusz and Laura Yuile took over MOCA London for two days to provide visitors with intellectual pampering as the gallery got a spectacular makeover as a Peckham Art Nail Bar.

Eastern Europeans for Dummies: Is it about Sex Trafficking? Dana Olarescu and Bojana Jankovic
25 November 2011

The performance was formed as a museum piece, led by the narration of a museum guide and taking a lead from books such as How to Speak English in Two Weeks and …For Dummies, where the audience was thrown into the context of an anthropology lecture.

badge… beacon… bell… mark… nod… note… Alexander Hidalgo and Monika Oechsler
10 October 2011 - 30 October 2011

Alexander Hidalgo and Monika Oechsler presented new works in an exhibition that explored Baudrillard’s edict to mobilize photography’s immobility and silence in order to resist speed, to defy the overflow of images and the explosion of information.

Android Crabs; dedicated to our friend Pierre Huyghe LuckyPDF
14 and 30 September 2011

MOCA London presented LuckyPDF’s film Android Crabs; dedicated to our friend Pierre Huyghe as our SLAM Last Friday and for the Peckham Artist Moving Image (PAMI) Festival, 2011.

Manga Dreams Anderson & Low
25 March 2011

MOCA London presented an exhibition in video form Manga Dreams by Anderson & Low as our SLAM Last Friday evening opening, in conjunction with Picturehouse, and Hamilton Gallery.

Love Me Not When I Look Alana Lake
25 February 2011

MOCA London presented an exhibition in video form by Alana Lake as our SLAM First Friday evening opening, and in celebration of February being LGBT History Month

Supermarket Art Fair
18 - 20 February, 2011

MOCA London had a booth at Supermarket, the international artist-run art fair in Stockholm, Sweden. The project, curated by Roberto Ekholm showcased works that included Stuart Mayes' interactive 'video' installation PLAY, Where The Men Met a sauna installation by Ekholm and new works by Cecile Emmanuelle Borra.

Dash & Dem. Bellenden Road Fete Worse than Death

Sunday 5 June Performance

Substance and Accident Dermot O’Brien
January 13 - February 12, 2011

Two related exhibitions at MOCA London and Payne Shurvell.
O'Brien presented at MOCA his 1998 piece, Kit, which for first time has been publicly shown in London. At Payne Shurvell, he presented new ambitious large-scale installation works, which are part of his continuing exploration of the possibilities of materials.

UomoGeometrico (the Geometric Man) Daniela Rinaudo
December 21, 2010

A one night video projection performance onto the front of the MOCA London Project Space.

PLAY Stuart Mayes
September 19 – October 9, 2010

PLAY is an interactive ‘video’ installation made up entirely of used VHS video tape taken from disused gay pornographic videos.

The Challenger Disaster Revisited, Part 1 dashndem: Dash MacDonald, Demitrios Kargotis
31 May – 6 June 2010

MOCA London presented the artist duo dashndem at this years Scienar Exhibition in Bucharest, Romania. We exhibited their new video of their proposed performance happening (Part 2) for MOCA London, the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich and the Lanchester Gallery, Coventry which will take place next year to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the disaster.

Ristorante Santo Food Turismo
31 December 2009 - 01 January 2010

MOCA London was the UK pitstop of the trans European tour of all 21 performance menus designed by Marinetti in his Futurist Cookbook which are being performed by Rochus Aust’s performance collective.

Unveiled Nick Fox
5 February - 4 March 2006

Unveiled is English artist Nick Fox’s exhibition of paintings and installations at MOCA and the Royal Academy Schools Gallery, Hornsey. Fox’s work is paired with a painting by Francis Picabia, and the page provides background on Fox’s work and working methods.

Currently under development Kate Smith
11 December - 21 January 2005

Currently under development is a new video installation by the English artist Kate Smith. Smith‘s dual image video projection onto board, sees on the left hand side, the interior of a ‘working class’ family home on the evening of the national lottery draw. The right hand image is shot from within the fish tank scene in the sitting room.

Dominik Lejman
16 October - 6 November 2005

Polish artist Dominik Lejman makes poetic and painterly video installation. In his MOCA installation he presented two new works made for the site and one of his award winning video projections onto a painting based on Mantegna’s dead Christ.

Hello my name is Jenny Denise Hawrysio
12 June - 10 July 2005

Hello My Name Is Jenny is a new installation by the Canadian artist Denise Hawrysio. She has cut out and pasted onto MOCA’s glass frontage thousands of actresses faces from Spotlight, an industry guide for directors.

Reading Room Maria Chevska and Simon Morley
8 May - 4 June 2005

Reading Room in a collaborative installation by Maria Chevska and Simon Morley, artists who both use words in their paintings and sculptures. They jointly curated the room and accompanying book.

Ice Blink Robin Forster
December 2004 - January 2005

Ice Blink by English artist Robin Forster looks at notions of the contemporary sublime. He presented 3 large (3 meter) photographs of melting glaciers in the Alps. The works highlight the loss of the world's ice content due to global warming.

Shedding Martin Gustavsson and Jan Hietala
11 October to 11 November 2004

Shedding was a collaborative video installation by the Swedish artists Martin Gustavsson and Jan Hietala. They made 4 separate films that were simultaneously projected into the space on glass panels, which depicted them shedding their masculine attire.

Untitled Fin Serck-Hanssen
September 2004

Norwegian artist Fin Serck-Hanssen’s Untitled was a photographic installation at MOCA. It was placed in the main window which made the museum look like a giant aquarium.

Ausencia II (Absences) Mara Castilho
December 2003 to January 2004

The Brazilian artist Mara Castihlo projected her video piece AUSENCIA II, directly onto the front of the MOCA building. Being winter it was possible for the work to be seen late in the day and into the evening.

Pictured above: Shedding; Martin Gustavsson and Jan Hietala at the Project Space, November 2004